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Traditional loans backed by real estate are inefficient, slow, inflexible, and quite costly. Financial markets are overcrowded with offerings but none of them provide simple and flexible solutions. Mortgages block the entire properties while HELOC and home equity loans require a second mortgage. REINNO solves these issues through tokenization. With tokens representing fractions of a real estate asset, users can decide on the loan size they need at a given moment and trade the remaining tokens not used as collateral – even before the loan is fully repaid.

The benefits of tokenized lending

Lower Fees

By digitalizing the process, REINNO eliminates the need for middlemen, making lending more efficient and saving you money.


When you repay a part of a loan, the system disburses respective digital assets that you can sell or use to borrow more right away. With traditional lending you would not be able to do it until the whole loan is repaid.


With tokenized real estate, you can take a loan against just a fraction of a property or several real estate assets at a time, based on your financial needs. The platform also allows you to choose how to receive and pay back the money.


Buy tokens for a property in New York while you are in San Diego and take a loan during a vacation in Miami – with no need to be tied to a local broker or bank.


You can access our online platform 24/7 without the need to go to an office or wait in lines. The funds will be transferred to an account of your choice (e.g. a bank account or a PayPal account) instantly.


Blockchain technology behind our tokenization and lending services ensures full transparency and protection of records.


When an asset is tokenized, the lending process is instant. You do not have to wait in lines and can receive funds in just a few clicks by using tokens as collateral.

Less paperwork

Once a property is tokenized, all the information (its value, size, location, ownership and existing loans against it) is recorded on blockchain. This means that you don’t have to do any paperwork when borrowing against tokenized real estate.

How does it work?

Borrowing against tokenized real estate

A user registers on the REINNO platform.


The user deposits tokens into his/her REINNO wallet to be used as collateral.


The system calculates the loan limit, based on the value of tokens in the wallet.


The customer can instantly take a loan in USD or EUR, in accordance with the loan limit.


The customer can repay the loan with fiat at once or in parts.


Once the payment is received, the system updates the loan limit and sends the tokens back to the customer.

Buying a property

A user registers on the REINNO platform.


The customer requests our support in purchasing a property.


REINNO checks and evaluates the property.


The customer and REINNO agree on a monthly repayment plan.


REINNO buys the property and tokenizes it.


Every month after the client pays their installment, they get tokens in return.


At any time during the repayment period, the customer may sell a part or all of their tokens to a third party and/or take a loan from REINNO against the tokens as collateral.


Once the customer collects all the tokens, he/she acquires 100% ownership of the property.

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