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What we are doing?

REINNO provides a marketplace for property owners to list their token offerings with extensive information about the underlying property, including financials. REINNO includes all technical and administrative aspects of the offerings such as Transfer Agent services, Capital Table recording, KYC & AML, Escrow services, etc.


No fees

REINNO does not charge any fees for investing in tokenized real estate through its platform. No subscription fees. No account maintenance fees. To put it simply – no fees.

Passive income

Token ownership gives you access to a portion of rental income. The properties are managed by experienced professionals so you can relax and enjoy your earnings.

No paperwork

Forget about the paperwork associated with real estate transactions. The process is digitalized and your property ownership is securely recorded on blockchain.

Low entry barriers

Low minimum investment amounts give you exclusive access to commercial real estate in the US – the industry traditionally hard to enter.


Thanks to lower minimum investment amounts than in traditional real estate, you can invest in multiple properties and portfolios, diversifying your income streams.


Real estate is a unique asset that appreciates over time. With the rising prices of real estate, your investment will keep increasing in value and never go to zero.


Real estate is less volatile compared to other investment assets, such as stocks. High occupancy rates ensure stable rental income.


Tokenization turns real estate into a flexible investment instrument with instant lending and trading potential. REINNO already offers loans backed by tokenized real estate that you can take in under five minutes.

How does it work?


Select a property or portfolio you are interested in.


Buy tokens that represent your fractional ownership.


Start earning passive income.

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