Frequently Asked Questions

REINNO Loans give you instant access to cash with maximum flexibility and no paperwork.
We will accept real estate security tokens as collateral. At the beginning we will accept only tokenized by us properties.
You should repay the loan in fiat currency.
Every month you have to pay interest and a balloon payment is due at the end of the period.
In contrast with traditional banks, we do not question whether you take a loan for everyday expenses, home payment, car payment, student tuition or something else. Make use of our product to finance what is important to you.
Currently we are testing the demo version of REINNO Loans which is available worldwide, as it is a simulation. The full product will be first available in the US and later offered in other parts of the world to ensure full legislative compliance. Go to to get the full experience.
REINNO Loans Demo is designed to showcase the most important features of REINNO Loans and its interface. Our team is currently working on more features that will be added to the final product at its release.
You can contact us by sending a message through the contact form on our website or on social media. Please find our social media links below.

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