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What is tokenization?

Tokenization is a way of digitalizing real estate assets, enabling fractional ownership and boosting liquidity. Sellers receive a flexible sales instrument, and buyers can pick up real estate opportunities without having to deal with traditional entry barriers. It offers investors and homeowners a way of further unlocking the value of real estate by using tokens as collateral for loans.

The benefits of tokenizatioN

Competitive advantage

Tokenization is an innovative method that makes selling and borrowing against real estate easier. It gives tokenized real estate an advantage over traditional properties by offering extra benefits.


You can access our online platform 24/7 without the need to go to an office or wait in lines. Moreover, REINNO takes care of due diligence and appraisal required for tokenization.


Smart contracts significantly speed up the transfer of ownership rights, tokens and money. Moreover, when an asset is tokenized, the lending process is instant; you do not have to wait for a loan approval and can receive funds in just a few clicks.

Less paperwork

Once a property is tokenized, all the information (its value, size, location, ownership and loans against it) is recorded on blockchain. This means that transaction can run smother with less paperwork needed.


With tokens representing only parts of the asset’s value, selling and buying properties becomes easier. Moreover, lending backed by tokenized real estate gives you access to funds whenever you need them.


If you already own a property, you have the freedom to decide whether to sell 100% of it or retain the ownership of some tokens. If you are planning to buy a property, you have the power to determine the investment size.

Low Entry Barriers

With each token representing a fraction of real estate, a larger pool of investors gets a chance to participate since the minimum size of investment is significantly reduced.

Lower Fees

By digitalizing the process, REINNO eliminates the need for middlemen, making real estate transactions more efficient and saving you money.


Blockchain technology behind our tokenization and lending services ensures full transparency and protection of records.

How does it work?

× A customer initiates tokenization by sending a request to REINNO.
× Property documents (e.g. a title) are presented for an inspection.
× REINNO and a customer review and sign a service agreement.
× A Special Purpose Vehicle is used to issue digital shares.
× REINNO creates a smart contract to specify the number of tokens and their characteristics.
× REINNO performs initial inspection of documents.
× An official appraisal is conducted to verify the condition and value of the property.
× The property goes live on blockchain, ready to be sold or used as loan collateral.

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