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All types of remortgaging allow borrowers to release some equity immediately. However, replacing a mortgage with a tokenized loan creates an opportunity to release more equity with every future payment made towards the principal, thus, providing more long-term flexibility. REINNO can also reduce the costs of a mortgage by securing cheaper rates. Improvements in valuation and finance figures empower borrowers to negotiate better terms. New accounts, projections, more detailed balance sheets, and improved credit history are just a few factors that can positively impact the numbers.

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The benefits of tokenized refinancing

Better rates

When interest rates increase, monthly repayments on mortgages with variable rates do likewise. Switching to a fixed rate allows borrowers to pay a fixed monthly interest and make better financial projections.

Unlocked equity

Refinancing enables borrowers to release equity locked up by the bank. Switching to a tokenized loan allows them to make principal payments and free up additional equity at any time.

Freed up cash

By securing lower interest rates, borrowers can reduce monthly repayments and save a significant amount of money, freeing up more cash for the business.

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REINNO will refinance the existing mortgage and tokenize the property.


Receive unlocked equity as tokens.


Make principal payments to instantly release more equity.

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