Commercial real estate loans

REINNO is a financial technology company with an innovative approach to lending, powered by blockchain. To satisfy a variety of customer needs, the company created a range of lending products: instant loans collateralized by tokenized commercial real estate, a mortgage refinancing program, and loan brokerage. Whether a client is looking to borrow against a fraction of their real estate equity, replace a traditional mortgage with a modern, flexible loan, or finance their construction project, REINNO has the perfect liquidity solution. To support its instant lending product, REINNO also offers tokenization and a marketplace for tokenized commercial real estate.


Tokenize real estate for free!

For a limited time, REINNO allows borrowers to tokenize commercial real estate for free with their Purchase or Refinance loan. Fill out an application to see if your property is eligible and save $20,000!

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Our lending services allow using fractions of commercial real estate equity as collateral. You can deposit tokens (digital ownership certificates) to gain instant access to cash and an opportunity to adjust collateral size in just a few clicks. These loans are completely paperless, efficient, and affordable. They offer unlimited liquidity and flexible repayment schedule.


Traditional banks lock the entire equity until your mortgage is repaid in full, and we think it’s unfair. With REINNO, you can replace your restrictive mortgage with a flexible, fractional loan and get some equity back every time you make a principal repayment. If you have already repaid some of the principal to the bank, you will receive that much equity immediately. Best of all, REINNO offers competitive rates that leave traditional banks speechless!


Are you looking for a traditional loan? Look no further. REINNO can find a perfect offer to fit your needs through its network of 750+ lenders in the U.S. We will connect you to the most suitable liquidity provider based on your project type, location, and size. You can apply for all types of loans - purchase, renovations, fix & flip, cash-out, and more! As a bonus, you might also be eligible for a free tokenization!


We are shaping REAL estate – Responsible, Easy, Accessible, and Liquid.

- Our products are built with sustainability practices in mind to encourage responsible investing. We work with properties in Opportunity Zones and affordable housing programs to support low- and middle-income households.

- REINNO offers an all-in-one platform for lending and investing where commercial real estate investors can fulfil their goals in just a few clicks, making transactions easy to complete.

- We are making commercial real estate investing and financing accessible to everyone, regardless of their location or financial status.

- Last but not least, we are making real estate liquid. This is why we provide a wide range of technology-driven lending solutions that can satisfy every client’s needs.

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Meet our Leaders


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Viktor Viktorov
CEO and co-founder
Serial entrepreneur with 12+ years of experience across domains such as online and offline retail, and others.
Kim Tucker-Knotts
Registered investment advisor, real estate broker, and loan originator with academic degrees in Accounting, Finance, and Taxation.
Kristiyan Lozanov
COO and co-founder
Blockchain enthusiast, leader and entrepreneur with solid IT background and expertise in project management, process management, planning and executing.
Edward Pak
COO, Asia Pacific
In the last 25 years, Edward worked with clients in facilities management, transformation and corporate real estate in Asia Pacific. He was responsible for growth initiatives, alliance programs, and operational improvements.
Natalia Shirshova
CMO co-founder
Marketing and PR professional with a background in economic research.
Hristo Piyankov
Ex analytics director for the largest consumer lending company on the largest consumer market in the world (China).12+ years experience in Advanced Analytics, Machine Learning, AI and Big Data
Tyler Harttraft
I advise businesses on key legal issues concerning corporate matters, capital raising, intellectual property protection and licensing, data security, and privacy. As an advisor to founders, investors, and startups, I've worked closely with companies on security token offerings (STOs), AMLY/KYC compliance, broker-dealer compliance, digital asset fund formation, investor due diligence and more.s
Andrew Bull
Andrew is considered a prominent legal expert in the field. He has been quoted in Forbes regarding Security Token Offerings and his firm was recently selected by the European Union to conduct a legal research study of the current regulatory framework within the U.S. as applied to cryptocurrencies.
Martin Tonev
Senior Developer
12+ years of experience in web development in corporate, freelance and start-up environment. Expert in Solidity, Blockchain, JavaScript, PHP, Laravel. Participant in a number of successful startups. Passionate about innovating and delivering according to the highest standards
Nikolay Balkandziyski
Web developer (5+ years). PHP,Laravel. Responsible and adoptive, able to quickly switch between priorities
Raya Foteva
Expert in front-end with strong design background (7+ years of experience). Master in HTML5, CSS3 & JS, WordPress, Adobe Creative Suite. Strong portfolio of design & development of websites, Wordpress themes and plugins, online marketing campaigns creatives and various other design projects

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